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Let your amazing performances be perfectly captured, branded and showcased. Your music deserves it. 
Deliver your artistic intent professionally.  

We've all been there.  Mucking around in a DAW you are still learning at 2 am until your head explodes.  Only to find that last nights session is not what you heard in your head after all that effort.  The groove is gone and the moment fleeting.  And frankly, the tracks are flabby and weak.  Setting down your instrument and re-arming the record mode or setting up comp tracks and track assignments on recording sofware is a ​creativity killer.  Produce.  We'll do the rest.

Leave the editing and mixing to us, and remember we respect your artistic message and our goal is to showcase your natural talent.  Record those tracks at the best quality and as noislessly as possible.  And you'll want to remember to keep the levels at -18bd or K-14.  Clipping sucks.  At BKR you can trust us to deliver an affordible amazing demo right back to you in 96, 48 and 44k 24 bit for spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.  Plus, you'll recieve MP3 and MP4 files as well for uploading to Bandcamp and Reverb Nation. 
Key information:
  • Music Industry Professional with 10 years stage performance experience, prolific and published songwriter, 10 years professional sound studio experience.

  • BMI affiliate, published and active member of American Society of Composers, Artists and Publishers.  

  • Owner, writer and engineer for Brat Kat Records.

  • Multi -instrumentalist. 

  • Webdesign.

“#1 Songwriter Ranking in Colorado"                                                      



If you have any questions, please visit our Support Center or shoot us an email.  We are happy to assist.  We have lots of helpful articles that will assist you in creating the song  of your dreams!  
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