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                   Produce. We'll do the rest.                                
Let your amazing performances be perfectly captured, branded and showcased. Your music deserves it. 
Why spend years learning a DAW, then how to mix like a pro 
when you could be  churning out 100's of hit songs as an artist in your home studio now.  
 We'll let you focus on the music.
​Deliver your artistic intent professionally.   You'll hear the difference, guaranteed. 
This is your time.
Song Writing | Arrangements
Add professional performance to enhance your own by collaberating with world class musicians. Tighten up arrangements, tune vocals, edit takes, comping, reamping your bass and guitar tracks with real tubes.  

Recording | Mixing
Mix or remix your song. Avid Pro Tools, Harrison, Slate, Eventide, Waves, Kush Audio. Mixed on a real console with real hardware.  

Mastering | Multi-format media delivery up to 96k | Branding
Gobbler or Avid Cloud. Izotope, Oxford, Softube, Acustica, Metric Halo, Sonoris. Web design and branding consultation available.​

Leave the editing and mixing to us, and remember we respect your artistic message and our goal is to showcase your natural talent.  Record those tracks at the best quality and as noislessly as possible.  And you'll want to remember to keep the levels at -18bd or K-14.  Clipping sucks.  

At BKR you can trust us to deliver an affordible amazing demo right back to you in 96, 48 and 44k 24 bit for spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.  Plus, you'll recieve MP3 and MP4 files as well for uploading to Bandcamp and Reverb Nation.

Record, mix, master or fully produce your song - online!

Pricing and Bundle Deals

1. Place your order and upload your song track to the link we send you in 24 bit .wav or .aiff having bounced the individual tracks tracks from the very beginning of the song. Please include info on bit depth and tempo. 
2. Within 72 hours, we'll send you a high-quality mp3 preview.
3. Request a modification or approve to get the final files in 96, 48 and 44k 24 bit, plus MP3.

Bundles include:

->One FREE modification. Additional modifications are $10/each.
->Audio edits and noise reduction Included.
->You own 100% of our work.
->Money-back guarantee on your first order.
Power Mix Analogue Bundle:

Custom mix up to 48 audio tracks - $90/song
Audio edits and noise reduction Included 
Vocal tuning, reamping - $49 per hour
Mastering - $35 per song

Mix Master Bundle - $115
Album Mix Master Bundle - $900 (8 songs)

Session musician - $100 per 5 minute track (gtr, bass, keys)
Full song production demo (5 instruments) - $800 per song
Branding and Website consultation - $50 per hour (free to package bundles of 8 songs or more)

Want your songs to sound as good as the songs you hear on the radio?   We want to hear from you!
Studio Roster List
Pro Tools 12.6, Logic Audio, Harrison Mixbus
UA compressor, stomp boxes and pedals galore
36 channel vintage mixer, various condenser and ribbon mics 
1950 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top re-issue
1992 Ovation Acoustic 
1984 Fender Telecaster
2003 Fender Jazz Bass
1994 Fender Stratocaster
1996 Yamaha EX-5 Keyboard
Focusrite preamps
Slate Digital, Acustica Audio Nebula, McDSP, Soudtoys, Waves
Eventide, Metric Halo, Izotope, Celemony, Scuffham, Sonoris

Please this section carefully before uploading your tracks.

Please remove all effects, compressors and limiters when you export your stems. If you have a instrument with a effect you would like to keep, you may do so but please remove any limiters on that track. Vocals must be completely dry with no effects, compressors or limiters. Also, please make sure you name your stems accordlingly and in order.

For the Bit Depth/Rate choose either 16 or 24 (Please only choose the bit rate your recordings are in or lower, if you choose a higher bit rate than your recording you will ruin the file)

Pitch correction is okay.
Make sure your tracks are in .WAV FORMAT. 
Include the tempo of your song.

Make sure you've rendered your tracks from the beginning of the song. (see below)

For Protools - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOZNJX99V2w&feature=player_embedded
For Logic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckb7DAAaTGM
For Reason - http://www.askaudiomag.com/articles/reason-6-export-options-explored
For Cubase - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9gSpoMj4u4&feature=player_embedded
For Studio One - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HJ_0L1uO0A
For FL Studio - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTEU5B5lxAc&feature=player_embedded
For Ableton Live - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKigp1S8IEI
For Garage band - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ico2EIzwjuY
For Reaper - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZWu8YcCnME&feature=player_embedded
The absolute best way is to render each track as its own, separate .wav file at either 44.1k or 48k. Mp3 files will work in a pinch, but then we’re starting with a low resolution file before mixing has even begun. I can convert them to .wav files, but that doesn’t make the quality any better if they’ve already been mp3s. ​​​

Rendering is simply bouncing down the final product to a single file.

The only difference between you bouncing down your whole song to a single, stereo file and what I’m asking for is simply the contents of the render. What you’ll do to prepare it is simply render only one track at a time, from beginning to end.

Most programs have a function that will do this automatically. You just need to remember to strip off the effects first to give the engineer the most flexibility to make your songs sound incredible. 

It is VERY important that the entire track is rendered out. If it not done this way, there is no way for your engineer to put everything in its proper place. So, even if the last vocal track of your 4-minute song has only a shout at 3:41, the final .wav of that track should be 3:41 of silence, then the shout, then silence until the end. With all the tracks rendered or bounced this way, all the engineer has to do is load them into his own system and slam them all to the left and they’ll line up perfectly, to within 1/44,100th or 1/48,000th of a second, depending on your sample rate.

Why can’t I just send the Audio Files folder from Audacity or FruityLoops or Reason, or Samplitude or ProTools or Logic or…? 

I’ve had people just send me just the “audio files” folder from ProTools or some other program. This DOES NOT WORK. There’s no audio engineer in the world who would be able to put that puzzle back together. Here’s why: Those folders contain every bit of audio recorded, and not in any order that helps to place them. That means that even if there are only a stereo music tracks and three tracks of vocals, but the vocalist did 4 alternate takes and twelve punches, there will be 20 audio files in that folder with no indication of where they go or which ones worked best… and that’s with only 4 mixer tracks! I’ve had songs with well over 300 audio files in them. Obviously, just sending the audio files folder won’t do.  

Further, even if you have the same program as your mix engineer, there’s just an incredibly slim chance that all of your plugins will match, so it’s quite possible that something valuable from your song will be missing or incompatible.  - Studioken